Capture. Reflect. Improve.

e.g. my mood , job satisfaction , my relationship

mercuryapp is micro-journaling with analytics.

Making a change?


New relationship? Old job? MercuryApp takes your daily temperature to see what's working for you -- and what's not. Learn more...

Working with a coach?


Share your progress with a trusted coach to help stay on track with any goal. Measure feelings & data for a full picture.

Part of a team?


Keep a team journal to improve performance, lift morale, and ease and support process change. Learn more...

Real Benefits

Using MercuryApp every day for a period of months showed me that I wasn't as happy with my current situation as I had thought. Now my wife and I have moved back to Spain and started projects together, like I have always wanted. Thanks for making this tool.

— Sebastian Hermida, Happier MercuryApp User

How can I use mercuryapp?

Set up trackings.


Track one or many aspects of your life. Compare & Contrast.

Choose a scale.


There are serious or fun ways to track your daily feelings.

Check-in by Email.


Come to the web or reply to our notification email.

Get Statistics.


Useful statistics help you identify patterns.

Take it with you.


MercuryApp can be easily used from your mobile device.

Real Benefits

Looking back at a particularly trying client engagement, Mercuryapp helped me see that I felt better about it than I thought I did and that helped me walk away feeling much better than I would have otherwise. Maybe Mercuryapp can simply help me be happier.

— JB Rainsberger, Software Consultant

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