Meet The Team.

We are software developers who love creating tools to make your life more fulfilling.


Sarah Gray

Hello, I'm Sarah. I started MercuryApp in order to get happier. I get that reflection, combined with quantifying the "fuzzy stuff", can help us identify patterns and make changes to improve our lives.

I've been developing software professionally since 2001 (and unprofessionally before then). I've worked in many new companies, and have a background in theater directing.

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Corey Haines

Hi, I'm Corey. I started MercuryApp in part to help teams get happier. I know first-hand that a team that reflects on its process becomes more aware, high performing, and productive.

I'm a software developer, a leader in the Software Craftsmanship movement, a speaker, and the force behind Code Retreat, a training event for developers to focus on best practices.

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