mercuryapp features

Using MercuryApp is like keeping a journal -- only simpler and with extra information.

Pick something to track, write every day or when you want, and keep track of other aspects of your life. Get data that can help you improve your life and make better decisions.

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) for Privacy
MercuryApp encrypts all data with SSL. See screenshot
Respond by Email
Save time. Instead of coming to the website to log your feeling, you can simply reply to the daily email with your feeling and note. See screenshot
Pre-set Notification Times
We have some simple default time periods that we can send you notifications. See screenshot
Track & Graph more than just mood
You can add an extra bits of information to what you're tracking, and enter values for it over time. For example, if you're tracking how you feel about your exercise routine, you can track your weight daily. See screenshot
Hourly Notification Scheduling
If you want more granularity and to be able to schedule precisely when your notifications arise, you can schedule them on the hour. See screenshot
Random Notifications
Want to be notified at random times during the day? Set up as many random notifications as you like within a certain time frame. See screenshot
See all my trackings on one graph
Tracking two or more things and want to see how they relate to one another? See screenshot
Twitter Notifications
Get notifications by Twitter DM. See screenshot
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MercuryApp is free for everyone.

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