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Focused, consolidated views for you and your team.

What can mercuryapp do for my team?

Regular Checkins


MercuryApp's easy-to-use notifications and interactions provide a daily temperature reading of your team.

Quick-view Analysis


MercuryApp's graphs and analysis allow you to quickly get a pulse on your team's trackings.

Multiple Insights


Ongoing team morale plus short, focused trackings allow you to gather the information you need.

Real Benefits

I think of Mercury as an early warning system or a real time health check of my team. Retros are often done too late to fix the problem or in such a way as to not truly capture the honest opinion of the team. They are easily steered by the most vocal team members so they sometimes don't reflect the true consensus of the group. MercuryApp gives you dead simple, easy to use, honest feedback on the topics of your choosing. Very difficult to get in traditional retros or standups, in my opinion.

-Todd Kaufman, Pillar Technology Group

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How does mercuryapp work for my team?

1) Start Tracking

Track both ongoing team and project topics, as well as short-term, retrospective action items.

2) Respond Daily

Register your feelings by responding to the daily reminder email. This takes less than 30 seconds.

3) Discuss & Improve

Reflect on the results to improve your team's effectiveness and communication.

What can we track? Some ideas...

Iteration Thoughts

With MercuryApp, team members have a ready-made mechanism for providing iteration feedback through easy, non-intrusive micro-journaling. This can be used as the basis for retrospective conversations.

Project Progress

Let team members check in frequently to give a general view on how the project is going. Catch early warning signs of problems via MercuryApp's aggregated analytics.

Team Morale

A happy team is a productive team. More importantly, an unhappy team struggles. Take advantage of MercuryApp's tight feedback loop, and monitor the health of the team.

Process Change

High-performing teams constantly try out new ideas in time-boxed evaluations. MercuryApp helps you gain insight through regular, easy checkins. Make better decisions by looking back over the team's day-to-day feedback.

Plans start at FREE for small teams